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With Asashoryu being the third foreign-born yokozuna in Japan's history, maybe sumo will become more popular abroad. Already the are several stables in Europe. Check out this one from Great Britian.

# posted on 1/31/2003          


Did you know there are thousands of ghost towns in North America? A ghost town is a place where nobody lives anymore....except ghosts! Have a look at some pictures of ghost towns in Arizona or all over the West of the USA.

# posted on 1/28/2003          


Kanazawa Boasts the Best Food in the Nation - no wonder my wife is such a good cook!

# posted on 1/28/2003          


Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday in the USA, and for many Americans, it's an annual tradition. Even if people have no interest in the championship American football game, they still gather at a friend's or neighbor's house in the early afternoon for a party. It is a social event that brings people together during one of the coldest months of the year in many places. Many of the year's most interesting (and expensive) TV commericals are shown frequently during the game. I always thought the commericials were far more entertaining than the game itself! Have any of you ever been to a Super Bowl Sunday party?

# posted on 1/25/2003          


Dear nursing students...

Thank you very much for a successful and interesting year of classes. All of you were such fun to be with and I always looked forward to Thursday mornings. Please keep in touch with email, especially if you have any questions or need advice. Have a great semester break!

# posted on 1/25/2003          


Is this ridiculous or what? I mean, I know it's cute to us humans, but do dogs really need lycra and fleece body suits? Do you really think they like wearing them? At least it's goofy enough to bring a smile to our faces. :-)

# posted on 1/20/2003          


A giant squid attacked a sailboat last week in the Atlantic Ocean. That sounds like something straight out of the classic Jules Verne novel, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

# posted on 1/20/2003          


To all students in the faculty of intercultural communication: thank you for a very wonderful year. I really enjoyed our time together and hope all of you have a great vacation. If anyone has any questions over the break, please email me. See you in the spring term?

I leave you with a final message, which can be found by putting this jigsaw puzzle together.

# posted on 1/19/2003          


Have you ever dreamed of traveling into space, walking on the moon, or exploring Mars? Will this be the century of space tourism?

# posted on 1/16/2003          


I guess Frodo is going to fail in his quest to destroy the Ring. Here's the proof.

# posted on 1/14/2003          


The most expensive hamburger in all of New York City is made from Kobe Beef. It'll run you $41.

# posted on 1/13/2003          


Hey, do you ever get tired of standing on those long, crowded train rides to school? Is reading a book too difficult standing up? Well, why don't you use your cell phone for some vocab study? Vocabulary Study using a Cell Phone - from

# posted on 1/13/2003          


Vampire bat saliva can help stroke victims. Gosh, most people think of vampire bats as being frightening creatures who visit you at night to suck your blood. Now it seems that their saliva can save people's lives.

# posted on 1/13/2003          


No, that's not an octopus, nor is it an alien from some far away planet. It's a mite that lives in the various streams of Southern Queensland, Australia. I wonder what it eats?

# posted on 1/11/2003          


Dear Nursing students...

Please have a look at the following two online quizzes: Body Parts and Medical Terms. Knowledge of such terms will be very useful to you all. Have fun!

# posted on 1/11/2003          


I'm adding two sites to the links on the left. One is called,, and contains many quizzes, puzzles, games, etc., all of them designed to help you practice and learn English. The other is similar and called Please have a look at them and explore.

Reminder for Ryukoku students: the TOEIC test is coming up on Jan. 29th!

# posted on 1/09/2003          


Look what showed up on Japan's doorstep, Giant Jellyfish! Some of these suckers weigh in at over 130kg!

# posted on 1/07/2003          


Japan was once an anti-bacterial nation. Now it seems that times have changed: Bacteria spreads across nation to create slimy, healthy treat. It's called 'Caspian Yogurt", have you had any yet?

# posted on 1/07/2003          


Ok everybody, it's back to work for two more weeks!

By the way, in case you've been wondering what the Earth will look like in the future, listen and watch this audio/visual presentation. All of Kansai will be underwater!

# posted on 1/06/2003          


Hi everyone. I hope you all had a safe and relaxing holiday season. Hiromi and I certainly had a good time. We rearranged our apartment in preparation for the baby. It looks fresher and much more spacious now. We also had a visit from Hiromi's two sisters who live in Kanazawa. We played a card game called '3-13', went to SpeakEasy and Qanat, and ate LOTS of good food - maybe too much! :-0 Now I have to find a way to shed the new layer of fat that has appeared on my midsection. See you next week?

# posted on 1/04/2003          



May you all have a successful and joyous 2003!

# posted on 1/01/2003          

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