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Finally she has arrived! Her name is Aili Sunshine Campbell. Ai (love) and Li (jasmine) are the two characters we chose for her Japanese name. At birth, she weighed 3.2 kg and measured 53 cm from head to toe. Her favorite activities are sleeping and drinking milk. She likes to move her hands around in the air too. My wife will always speak Japanese with her, and I will always English with her. That way, she might be truly bilingual. We are very happy to have her in our lives.

How are your winter breaks going? There are only six more weeks left! The new semester will be here before you know it. Please enjoy.

# posted on 2/23/2003          


My wife's water just broke. So we're on our way to the hospital now. A taxi is coming to pick us up. My wife has got out all the bags she's prepared for the journey. From the look of it, it would seem that she is going on a two-week vacation!

# posted on 2/18/2003          


My wife's due date has finally arrived, but the baby hasn't. She felt some strong Braxton Hicks contractions over the weekend, so we expect to go to the hospital any day now. We're going to try to have a natural birth in a 6-mat tatami room. We're looking forward to meeting our new daughter. We can't wait!

# posted on 2/17/2003          


Do you want to help save the environment from nasty air pollution? Try "riding" in a human powered bus.

# posted on 2/14/2003          


A 'mind reader' is a person who can know what you are thinking, even if you don't say anything. Have you ever met a mind reader? Here is a nifty little program called the Flash Mind Reader. See if you can figure out how it works.

# posted on 2/14/2003          


Sorry for not posting recently. A friend of mine passed away over the weekend. He had a bad headache, went to the bathroom, and never came out. Apparently he suffered a stroke. So I went to his wake and funeral. It was the first Japanese funeral I attended. The man was very well liked in the community. He will be missed.

# posted on 2/12/2003          


A scientist in Japan has recently invented a 'cloak of invisibility'. A cloak is another word for jacket or coat. Wearing such a cloak would not necessarily make you invisible, but instead 'camouflaged'.

# posted on 2/12/2003          


Meet my new friends, Ku and Charli. They used to be very skinny and sick. They were stray cats. My co-workers started feeding them regularly and giving them medicine. Now they are as cute and happy as can be. Do you have any food?

# posted on 2/06/2003          


Do you feel like playing a classic spelling game? Try Hangman online from

# posted on 2/06/2003          


Some people believe that it would be good for society if people stopped driving cars so much and instead, rode bicycles. Everything would slow down, there would be less air pollution, and people would be exercising daily. The photo above is of an event called Critical Mass, in which bicyclists get together and take the roads back from cars. By doing so, it raises awareness of the issue. You might call it bicycle activism. There are critical mass events here in Kansai too, in Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe. Would you like to participate?

# posted on 2/04/2003          


The Universe is a BIG place...and you may think you are small, but actually you are somewhere in the middle? See reality from the largest to the smallest, by the power of 10.

# posted on 2/02/2003          


Oh yeah, our baby girl is due in about two weeks, so if you want to see a picture of her, i'll post it here on the New Tanuki. We haven't yet decided on a name, so if there are any last suggestions, please post them in the comments section. Remember, it has to be easy to pronounce in both Japanese and English. Thanks.

# posted on 2/01/2003          


Do any of you have a part-time job as a pizza delivery person? Find out what it's like to be a pizza delivery person in the USA from a guy named Andy.

# posted on 2/01/2003          

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