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Have you ever played the game 20 questions? This is where one person thinks of something and another person tries to guess what it is by asking yes/no questions only, with a limit of 20 questions. Well, now you can play against the computer. Watch out, it's pretty good!

# posted on 3/31/2003          


Hiromi and I took a walk in Takaragaike park today with Aili, who is more than 5 weeks old now. We all enjoyed the wind, sunshine, and fresh air. Aili really seems to enjoy being in the outdoors. Once she is old enough, we'll try hiking in the forest together.

# posted on 3/29/2003          


As you can see, I've changed the look of the site. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can make it better?

# posted on 3/29/2003          


Instead of relying on petroleum-based oil to fuel our cars and buses, maybe we should use vegetable-based oil. Then we wouldn't have to rely on oil fields in the Middle East to sustain our economies. Can you imagine a war over vegetable gardens? Hardly.

# posted on 3/25/2003          


An update on The New Tanuki is coming soon, in preparation for the new term. Any suggestions?

# posted on 3/24/2003          


I saw The Two Towers on Friday with Hiromi. My favorite character in the movie was Gollum, who was played by the actor Andy Serkis. I thought Andy did an excellent acting job. On this site, Andy answers questions about what it was like being Gollum.

# posted on 3/24/2003          


It saddens me whenever people use physical violence to solve their problems. Life is already difficult enough, but we make it more difficult when we attack others. I really feel bad for the poor Iraqi families who will die in this upcoming invasion of their country. I also feel bad for the families of the American soldiers who will lose their lives. It is a sad day today. It is so important for us all to practice tolerance and patience with each other so as to avoid adding to the misery to the world. :-(

# posted on 3/19/2003          


These days, Japanese university students get strange looks from one another if they say they don't own a cell phone. It seems that these gadgets have become an important part of the way we communicate. What will the gadgets of the future look like? Have a look at this article for some ideas.

# posted on 3/16/2003          


Wow...the time is really flying by. School will start again in three weeks! I hope all of you are having a great vacation. As for me, I'm working with my study abroad students just about everyday, and spending time with my new daughter in the mornings and evenings. She is starting to put on weight (get fat) and trying to lift her head. She just loves to drink her mother's milk and sleep on her back with her arms over her head. I think she's pretty cute and funny.

# posted on 3/15/2003          


Please have a look at the special Daily Page from You can take a different quiz and learn a new slang term everyday. In addition, there is a link to the daily Voice of America broadcast for listening practice. If you surf the internet frequently, it might be a good idea to bookmark the site. What do you think?

# posted on 3/07/2003          


My parents are coming to Japan tomorrow to meet their new granddaughter. It will be their second visit. My mother said that she will be bringing two suitcases full of presents for Aili. Wow, two suitcases! I've never gotton that many presents at one time!

# posted on 3/04/2003          


If anyone reading this knows of any websites that might be helpful for ESL/EFL learners, please let us know about them. You can add the URL by clicking the 'comments' button. I am always looking for new sites.

# posted on 3/03/2003          


Mister Rogers, one of my favorite television personalities from childhood, passed away at the age of 74 from stomach cancer. I will always remember him for his calm and caring way of relating to children. Read more..

# posted on 3/01/2003          

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