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I will be attending a service learning conference in India. All classes are cancelled on May 27th and May 30th.

On Tuesday June 3rd, English Seminar (1st period), English 14 (2nd period), and English 15 (3rd period) are cancelled. However, there will be class for E3rwT-tues (4th period). If you are in this class, please make sure you attend.

Any questions? Email me:

# posted on 5/23/2003          


That's Charlie, our resident cockroach. We usually see him in the evening, around dinner time. He likes to crawl around on the wall, always observing what we're doing. He's quite friendly too. Sometimes I let him crawl on my arm. I think he likes feeling the warmth of my skin. Please be friendly to cockroaches - they're not bad creatures.

# posted on 5/19/2003          


If you'd like to experiment with translation, try Babelfish, the online translation tool. If I were you, I would only use a Babelfish translation as a guide, not as a finished product. I have experimented with some of the translations between Japanese and English, many of which were not very good. Be careful.

# posted on 5/19/2003          


Please have a look at Yukie Tao's journal. I think it is an excellent example of how a student learning English as a Foreign Language (EFL) can use a blog to improve his or her English while at the same time meeting new people from around the world.

# posted on 5/17/2003          


Get listening practice while learning about news from an American perspective at VOA news. You might even hear some propaganda too!

# posted on 5/13/2003          


When you were a kid, did you ever dream of having your own treehouse? Well, this site has pictures of beautiful tree houses in North America. Read about them. Link via J-Walk Blog.

# posted on 5/13/2003          


The newest rollercoaster, The Dragster, at Cedar Point is the tallest and fastest in the world: 130m high and it travels 193kph. Look out, this is pure evil.

# posted on 5/10/2003          


Please have a look at Rikai, a dictionary tool for learning to read English. With Rikai, when you're reading something in English and you come to a word you don't know, just use your mouse to put the cursor over the word, and a little window will pop-up next to it giving you the same word in Japanese. Neat, huh?

# posted on 5/08/2003          


I just heard a song by composer Yoko Kanno, which I liked very much. Have you heard of her? The piece I heard would be considered ambient, but she also composes a lot of music for anime films.

# posted on 5/08/2003          


Are you having trouble writing poems? Do you have writer's block? Well, don't worry. By typing in the address of any website, you can generate a poem right away at Rob's Amazing Poem Generator. Look at what it gave me for The New Tanuki:

I wait to
watch movie trailer quizzes based around
short movie trailer quizzes reading: ESL independent study
lab english network:
a very colorful
and I hate
to Nigel Randell
for a rock garden in
Kyoto. In an old wooden Japanese
house. All my former students
from time to the
oven and tutors.

# posted on 5/06/2003          


Here's a story about a mountain climber in Utah who got his arm stuck under a boulder. Sensing that his life was in danger, he cut it off with a pocketknife in order to survive. That's a strange amputation! Click here to read more about it.

# posted on 5/04/2003          


If you have quicktime and like to watch movie trailers, try going to Andrew Johnson's English Page to practice your listening skills. He has designed some English quizzes based around short movie previews. Have a go and tell us what you think.

Thanks to Nigel Randell for the link.

# posted on 5/02/2003          

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