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Classroom Assignment for Tuesday, June 3rd, 4th period, E3rwT-tuesday:

Greetings students. I'm on my way back from India and cannot make class today. Please follow these instructions carefully.

1. Pair up with another student.

2. Today you will use the internet for reading practice by going on an animal safari. The first step is for you and your partner to make a print-out of your guide sheet, which can be found HERE.

3. Please use a search engine like Google or Yahoo to locate the appropriate information. Then, use a pen or pencil to fill-out the guide sheet.

4. After you are finished, please sign your names on the guide sheet and turn it in to Randell-sensei at the end of class.

5. If you finish early, please use the remaining class time to explore the learning resource links on the left and right sides of this page.

Good luck and have fun. I will see you again on Tuesday, June 13th. Bye!

# posted on 6/02/2003          

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