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I took a bike ride in Iwakura this evening, north of Kyoto. I found a dirt road leading back into the woods along side a little creek that ran back through a small valley lined with evergreen trees. The air was cool, moist, and filled with ki from the plants. I went as far as I could before having to turn back due to the dimming light of the early evening. On my way back a twig got caught between my front tire and fender and I took a spill. Fortunately I wasn't injured too badly and was able to bend the fender back into place in order to ride out of the forest. I escaped with only a few bruises and a small cut on my left leg. Maybe I should think twice before riding a street bike in the woods?

# posted on 7/27/2003          


I went shopping for baby books at Maruzen yesterday. I realized that all the English books were much more expensive than the books in Japanese. I suppose this is because of import taxes? Anyway, I ended up buying seven books for Aili, all in Japanese. They are all very colorful and introduce simple words to her. She was very excited to see them and started making all kinds of happy noises. She was also very interested in the shapes and colors she saw. I think her favorite was akachan okuru ehon.

# posted on 7/23/2003          


Say hello to Jasmine, an old friend of mine from the Mission district of San Francisco. She likes to spend her days lying around the house and playing games with her best friend Beauregard. Wouldn't you like to play with her?

# posted on 7/18/2003          


Thanks for a great semester everyone! Enjoy your summer vacation. Please say hello sometime by email or by making a comment on this page, especially for those of you going abroad in the fall. See you in late September.....but please keep reading.

# posted on 7/15/2003          


Hello everyone. Now that the end of the term is here, I know most of you are very busy with final papers and exams. For those of you in my reading/writing classes who happen to be absent on the final day and aren't able to hand in your writing portfolio, please contact me by email:

Good luck.

# posted on 7/11/2003          


Here's a story about a man who survives on just liquids and sunlight alone! Read about it.

# posted on 7/07/2003          


For all you intercultural communications majors, please test your knowledge of geography.

# posted on 7/07/2003          

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