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Did you know orangutans are an endangered species and could become extinct in 20 years? This is mostly because their home (the forest) is being destroyed by illegal loggers (companies who cut down trees without permission). Orangutans live in the trees of Indonesia and Malaysia. They eat leaves and fruit. Read more....

# posted on 9/30/2003          


Welcome back! I had such a happy day seeing everyone yesterday. It was really interesting to hear about all of your summer vacation experiences. I tried explaining to Hiromi what it was like to talk with more than 100 people in a day. As you might imagine, I fell asleep on the tatami right after eating dinner last night. Whew! I was tired.

# posted on 9/27/2003          


My friend Sasha is having putting on a fashion exhibition of clothing made from 100% recycled materials. What a great way to use what would normally end-up in the garbage dump! That reminds me of a famous saying: One man's trash is another man's treasure. Of course, I think we should substitue 'person' for 'man'.

Sasha's exhibition is being held at the Tranq Room in Kyoto until September 29th. Won't you come take a look?

# posted on 9/23/2003          


Wow. It's been a long time since I made a posting here. I've mostly been working on another website I facilitate: East Asia Center. So, I guess it's time to turn on the lights, put on some music, and give this place a good dusting in preparation for the new term. Oh what the heck, I guess I'll light some incense too.

# posted on 9/20/2003          


If any of you find yourselves in Kyoto over the rest of the summer break, stop into The Hill of Tara sometime for a bite to eat and a chat with some of the customers. Being an Irish Pub, The Hill offers tasty food and excellent beer (for those of you who enjoy that). Best of all, live Irish music is often played on Friday or Saturday evenings, making for a lively atmosphere. When I went there last week, I ran into one of my former students from Ryukoku, who seemed to be having a fun time.

# posted on 9/01/2003          

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