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For those of you who enjoy the theater, there will be two short plays in English at the Tranq Room in Kyoto this Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (Nov. 22-24). Both are about love. Performance times are 6pm ~ 8:30pm and tickets run for 1,500yen at the door. See you there?

# posted on 11/21/2003          


This weblog's days are numbered. As you may know, a tanuki has magical powers of transformation. The New Tanuki is set to evolve into a much richer communicative environment. Stay tuned for details.

# posted on 11/14/2003          


Homeless men in Kamagasaki, Osaka. Photo by Andreas Seibert.

Yesterday I paid a visit to the Kamagasaki district of Osaka, where there are thousands of homeless people. Many of them are middle-aged and elderly men who try finding day work, usually in construction. Aside from the suffering that comes with not having a warm place to sleep at night; gambling, drugs, and prostitution are also big problems in that community. One of the day laborers, who is involved in an NPO (Non-Profit Organization) to help the homeless, showed me around the area. He said that the number of homeless people is continuing to grow each year in Japan. Indeed, I was shocked at what I saw: a neighborhood so much different than what I am accustomed to seeing in Kyoto and other parts of Japan. I wonder how many Japanese people are aware of how big the problem is becoming?

# posted on 11/07/2003          


I just came across an excellent site for TOEIC preparation called Once you sign-in, you can take sample tests online and check your answers when you're finished. Explanations of why any given answer is correct are also given. For those of you taking the TOEIC in January (all my second year students), this site would be a good place to do some serious practice.

# posted on 11/03/2003          

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