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Why don't y'all learn some slang while you're on vacation?

(via J-Walk blog)

# posted on 1/29/2004          


For those of you interested in improving your scores on the TOEIC test, a new service from English World Connect has turned preparing for the TOEIC into a game! English Match is an internet based game that allows you to compete with other players from around the world. Try it out and see how high you can score.

# posted on 1/25/2004          


Yesterday some friends of ours were attacked by a group of monkeys right outside our house when they were leaving to go home after an afternoon visit. The monkeys always come down from the mountains in the winter to look for food. Our friends were carrying some groceries, which were obviously what these Japanese macaques were after. I ran outside and snapped a photo. See the cute baby?

# posted on 1/20/2004          


Now that our school year has finished, I'd like to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable spring vacation. I had an awesome year working with all of you! See you again in April?

# posted on 1/17/2004          


Shel Silverstein is one of my favorite poets. With the current problems of mad cow disease and avian influenza, this poem from Silverstein's book Falling Up is particularly relevant:

I said, "I'll take the T-bone steak."
A soft voice mooed, "Oh wow."
And I looked up and realized
The waitress was a cow.
I cried, "Mistake--forget the the steak.
I'll take the chicken then."
I heard a cluck--'twas just my luck
The busboy was a hen.
I said, "Okay no, fowl today.
I'll have the seafood dish."
Then I saw through the kitchen door
The cook--he was a fish.
I screamed, "Is there anyone workin' here
Who's an onion or a beet?
No? Your're sure? Okay then friends,
A salad's what I'll eat."
They looked at me. "Oh,no," they said,
"The owner is a cabbage head."

# posted on 1/15/2004          


Review your 'family vocab' by studying this really funny song by Ray Stevens called, I'm My Own Grandpa. See you if can follow it without getting too confused. Also, turn up your speakers to hear the music and lyrics.

# posted on 1/11/2004          



All second year students will take the TOEIC test on Wednesday, January 28th in room #4-209, from 9:20am to 12:00pm. Please be sure to attend.

# posted on 1/09/2004          


Happy New Year to everyone! All that stuff you see hanging from the trees in the photo is called Spanish Moss, a plant related to the pineapple that grows all over the Southeast region of the United States. Many critters live in the Spanish moss, like small birds, spiders, and insects. The moss has also been used for decoration, building materials, and medicine. I took the picture during my winter vacation in Florida. Learn more about this unique plant.

# posted on 1/08/2004          

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