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Charlie Williams introduces Parapal, a website that 'contains a variety of interactive exercises to improve your English. They are designed to improve your listening, writing, reading, vocabulary and grammar skills'. Check it out.

# posted on 2/28/2004          


Aili celebrated her 1st birthday this week. We sang Happy Birthday, opened presents, ate cake, danced to her favorite music, and read books. We also introduced her to bubbles for the first time. She was surprised at their beauty but became confused when they suddenly disappeared after touching them. Aili was having a great time. The evening ended, though, when she tried walking across the kitchen floor, only to slip and fall right on her face - oops! After bawling for a few minutes in the comfort of her mother's arms, she fell asleep and dreamt the kind of dreams that 1-year-olds dream.

# posted on 2/20/2004          


It's great to see people smile, but can you tell the difference between a genuine smile and a fake one? Take this short test from the BBCi and find out.

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# posted on 2/08/2004          

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