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A warm welcome goes out to all the new bloggers at the New Tanuki. You will find their links in the right column.

# posted on 4/29/2004          


Are you an environmentalist? How much of the world's resources do you consume everyday? Find out how large your ecological footprint is by taking this quiz.

via J-Walk

# posted on 4/22/2004          


Meet Grennie. She's an international student living in Kyoto and quickly becoming an expert on Japanese culture. Why don't you visit her website and find out what she's up to these days? I'm sure she would be happy to receive your comments.

# posted on 4/16/2004          


Wow, what a day! So many new faces and interesting stories. I even began teaching a class that wasn't even mine! Those students were as confused as I was, no doubt. Well, make sure you all bring your photos in next week so I can learn your names faster. See you next week.

# posted on 4/10/2004          


On a recent trip to Northern England, I stayed overnight at a cozy B&B, run by a very friendly family. In the dining room several beautiful flowers were resting on the table. I soon discovered that the flowers were made of sugar, which was a hobby of the woman who lived and worked there. Those flowers looked so real. I couldn't believe it.

# posted on 4/09/2004          


Eliza writes about discrimination and the Japanese language. What do you think?

# posted on 4/06/2004          


The cherry blossoms are out. It's such a beautiful time here in Kyoto. I especially love to watch the petals fall off the trees during the last few days of the viewing season. It looks like pink snow. See some photos here and here.

# posted on 4/04/2004          

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