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Have a look at the work ESL students from around the globe are doing at TOPICS, an online magazine for learners of English. In the latest issue you can read about different cities, manners, descriptions of emotional experiences, and putting on a class play. Enjoy!

# posted on 5/28/2004          


Try some of James Trotta's online English lessons and put what you learn to immediate use in your Livejournals. From

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# posted on 5/13/2004          


For those of you interested in listening practice, I suggest visiting Andrew Johnson's English Trailers website, where you can test your listening skills by watching the latest movie trailers (previews) and answering questions. He now boasts a growing library of more than 5 dozen trailers. This seems like a fun way to learn, doesn't it?

# posted on 5/11/2004          


In her first week as a blogger, yuyuyuka meets a woman from Georgia and teaches a man from Texas how to clean his futon. That's quite an introduction to the power of the internet, isn't it? Way to go Yuka!

# posted on 5/02/2004          

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