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Dear Ai

Do you need some advice on studying abroad or learning English? Visit the Dear Ai blog and ask a question.

# posted on 6/27/2004          



Yuuta at UMDStalk introduced, where you can learn pronunciation and have a laugh at the same time.

Please join the UMDStalk and have fun chatting with students from Kobe. Visit their weblogs too.

# posted on 6/18/2004          


Friday Faces


Here are some Friday Faces. What kind of picture will you choose for your Livejournal?

# posted on 6/15/2004          


GeorgeG the Poet

George-g is now writing in poetic imagery. He's met a man from Washington and a woman from the Philippines. Go George!

# posted on 6/10/2004          


Joi Ito's Web

Read about world famous Japanese blogger, Joi Ito, in this news article.

# posted on 6/07/2004          


A Night Time View

Mariichigo provides us with a link to a spectacular view of Kyoto at night.

# posted on 6/05/2004          


Takashi just started a weblog. He is a student at the University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences in Kobe. He and his classmates have a Yahoo! Group and they are starting to use blogs for writing and communication. Pay a visit and join in their discussions.

# posted on 6/01/2004          

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