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Congratulations to TacBrasil, Takeshimatoba, and Moka19, whose selected Stuefer photos were chosen by to serve as headers. Good work you three! You must have a nice eye for design and color. Follow the conversation at Dekita-Flickr.

# posted on 6/28/2005          


Tokyo: Most Expensive City

Panorama 10 - Tokyo
Panorama 10 - Tokyo,
originally uploaded by rosskirby.
According to a recent report, Tokyo is the world's costliest city, while Osaka ended up second on the list. This implies that Japan is one of the most expensive places to live in the world today. I certainly spend a lot of money each month compared to what I would spend if I were living back in the United States. I wonder what it is that makes Japan so expensive?

# posted on 6/21/2005          


Josef Stuefer - a great photographer

originally uploaded by josef.stuefer.
I just love the photos that Josef Stuefer posts to his online gallery. He really has an eye for color and form, which gives his photos a magical quality. Have a look at his Flickr site and leave some comments.

# posted on 6/14/2005          


Kro - A Brazilian Student

originally uploaded by Kro (Eiri Yuki).
Kro (Eiri Yuki) is a 15-year-old Serbian/Brazilian girl who has an interest in Japanese culture, especially in manga and in the influence of Western culture on Japanese society. She wants to be a writer and, like you, she runs a blog called, Don't Let Tomorrow Come. She also has an online photo gallery. Please pay Kro a visit and say hello.

# posted on 6/01/2005          

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