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Thursday, March 11, 2004
Long long time no see. Because I'm in New Zealand now. I came here to study English but just a month. I"ll back to Japan next weekend. I go to private english school and I can use computer at school! Today is fine and hot here Auckland. I really enjoy my stay here!
posted by yukie 11:58 AM
Wednesday, January 21, 2004
Today I'll write story too afraid for me. On Sunday morning it happen. I went to station by my motor scooter. I was in a hurry for the train, So I didn't noticed that road was frozen. When I turn right a crossing, it just happened!! I slipped!!! I couldn't understand what happened. I was thrown from my scooter, and my scooter slipped about 5 metters. Fortunately, I didn't get injured. I think I was lucky, because first it was early morning ( 6 a.m.) so there were no cars after me. Second, the cold had frozen the road hard.So I slipped, too. If road didn't frozen ,I was thorown against the road. I heard it will be cold end of this weekend. Be careful of frozen road!! I'll don't use scooter when it snow and cold day!!
posted by yukie 10:58 AM
Friday, January 16, 2004
TodayI went to school early. I come to here before 9 a.m. Because I have two reports until today. SoI couldn't sleeplast night well...... I 'm little sleepy. Today is very cold. Yesterday was warm more than today :( I like spring the best! I hope spring comes early!!!

posted by yukie 9:11 AM
Wednesday, January 07, 2004
Long holiday was finished. I miss a little. During this holiday I went to Tokyo Disney Land and Sea.
I went to there December 22 for 24. So there are manypeople there and crowded. But I can ride almost attractions. I wanted to take a picture with Micky. But he looked like verybusy :-( Because many children
gathered around him. Though I couldn't take apicture with him, I could take a picture with Chip. Ilove him, too.
So I was so happy!!
WHere did you go during the holiday?

posted by yukie 10:23 AM
Thursday, November 27, 2003
Today I cooked curry. I like curry because it easy and cheap to cook. I usually cook diner. I like cooking :-) Yesterday I baked cheesecake. It was The secret to cook nice curry is butter onion enough :-9 Today's curry was gerat!! Besides I cooked too much.. I can eat tomorrow, too!!!!! Do you like cooking?
posted by yukie 8:44 PM
Monday, November 17, 2003
I went to Osaka to see my friend last sunday.We went to to Nanba and enjoyed shopping : 9 She si my one of best friends. I had very nice time. I bought clothes. I'll go to shool wearing them :)
posted by yukie 10:24 AM
Saturday, November 15, 2003
Yesterday I went to go dinner with my friends and my sinior. We went to eat sushi. I love sushi very much. It was maybe expensive, but I didn't know how much did it cost yesterday. Because my sinior bought us all!!!! We ate sushi and drunk. Today I'll go to Oosaka to see my friend. We enjoy shoping! I'll write here about that tomorrow : )
posted by yukie 8:03 AM
Thursday, November 13, 2003
Yesterday my computer broke at last. It in bad condition recently, but it was moved. Yesterday I wanted do internet. So I switched in it. BUT it didn't move.... oh, no.. I went to electricity store. And showed my computer clerk. He said " it infect some virus..." I was surprized. I surely didn't install any program to prevent virus. I installed last year, but it was over due. I bought new one , and installed at once. Now my computer is fine :-) I relieved!!!
posted by yukie 11:58 AM
Tuesday, November 11, 2003
Today is raining, too :(
And I have so much report.
Everyday I go to school by my bike, so I would like to not raining..... Oh, no. I have class today , so I must go though raining. When it is raining I always think I want to stay at home :-0 How about you? :-)

posted by yukie 10:28 AM
Monday, November 10, 2003
Today is raining... but I don't have class today.
So I stay home now.
Today I'm going to write about my plan. I'll go to New Zealand in February. It's only a month, but I'm looking forward to it. I have ever been to Australia, America, and Canada. But they are very short stay. So I wanted stay more. I think there are many things I confuse, but I want to try many things I encounter!!!

posted by yukie 3:06 PM
Tuesday, October 21, 2003
Yesterday I went to karaoke with my friend. She is my best friend. She is so pretty. I like her very much!! We went to karaoke near my house,and sang about four hours!!! We went about nine thirty at night, so we kept singing until one thirty!!!
I was so tired and sleepy, but enjoyed enough :9

posted by yukie 12:46 PM
Tuesday, September 09, 2003
Long time I didn't write here.... :-( But I enjoy my summer vacation. I spend almost time on my club activities, so I became tanned. Almost everyday I had club, but there were my club's vacation about a week. I went back to my home and saw my family. There are four members in my family include me. My father , mother and younger brother. My brother is candidate for university, so he was studying very hard. I was relieved that all of them were good health and fine :-D I'll enjoy the rest of summer vacation enough :-9
posted by yukie 10:44 AM
Friday, July 11, 2003
I have much report recentl...
For example, history classand art class.
I'm busy but I could finish almost my report!!
I'm happy :-)

posted by yukie 8:42 AM
Wednesday, July 02, 2003
Sleepy.... I'm taking computer class now :-)
This class is interesting but using computer is difficult for me...

posted by yukie 2:29 PM
Today my computer was repaired!!
In fact, the computer I use at my home had something trouble...
So I brought it electrical store that I bought it several days ago.
Now my computer is good!! :-9
Today is very hot day!! I wanted go out but I had classes today...:-(
I want to go sea and swim this summer :-) I love swimming very much!!

posted by yukie 2:24 PM
Thursday, June 26, 2003
Today I went to dinner with my best friend and my sinior. We went to eat broiled meat. We can eat as much as we like for 1600 yen at restaurant. We ate full. But I want to eat dessert :-) So I ate pieces of cakes. I am worry, because maybe my waight gain... I must exercises!!!!! I can't weight myself:-(
posted by yukie 10:36 PM
Tuesday, June 17, 2003
Yesterday I bought English book.
Did you watch the movie 'catch me if you can'?
I watched and I felt it was interesting, so I thought I want to read book again.
It is written English so hard to read for me!!
But I want to try?
Maybe it takes more than a month to read , but I keep reading!!
Do you have favorite books??

posted by yukie 10:24 PM
Wednesday, June 11, 2003
Yesterday I have my ears pierced. I wanted for a long time, but I couldn't .
Because I was afraid to try pierce. I have my ears pierced for the first time, so I went to otolaryngology.
First I decided where to open hole. And I opened two hole at a stretch.... I felt pain a little.
But I don't feel sore now. I must keep pierce that I wearing now for a month. I want to try new cute one early!!

posted by yukie 10:19 AM
Wednesday, June 04, 2003
I haven't written this journal for a long time :-(
Because I hold rowing race and went to Saitama for a week.
Not only students but also teams of company joined this race, so it's hard to win the race.
Though I couldn't advanced final, I advanced consolation final.
In this race, upper 4 teams advanced final and 5-8 th teams advanced final.
The result was that we got a 5 th prize. I'm not sutisfied with this result, but i found much challenge.
I went to back Shiga on Sunday midnight. After loading and undoad boats and baggages, I went to training camp of Doshisha university.It takes about 5 minutes on foot from my house.
They had a small party there and I was invited. It started 12 am!!!!! We drunk beer and eat. I had a great time.
I was very tiread , but I had massive weekend :-)

posted by yukie 2:38 PM
Saturday, May 24, 2003
Now I'm watching TV as I'm writing my journal :-)
The program is "Sma STATION 2" .Do you know Shingo Katori?
He is a member of SMAP. He sppear it.
I like this program because I can know English phrase in many movies.
I like movies and English , so it makes me happy!!!
I want to see movies without caption someday :-9
Please check this program if you stay in Japan.

posted by yukie 11:20 PM
Wednesday, May 21, 2003
Today was birthday of my college, so I didn't have classes :)
I'll have a school event tomorrow.?@It's called?@?hJapanese lantern parade"
My club will join it. It stopped last year because of rain.
So I don't know about it. But my sinior told me about it.
We'll walk around Shijyo in Kyoto with Japanese lantern at night.
I'm looking forward it. Because it sounds nice and my first parade!!

posted by yukie 10:04 PM
Monday, May 19, 2003
Today was my friend's birthday :-)
But I couldn't buy present until yesterday . So I went to buy in a hurry...
I didn't know what I should give her. She is my best friend, so I wanted to give her she want.
I went to Seibu department. Necklace, clothes,books,stuffed doll.....I was puzzled what to choose about one hour:-(
After serious thought I desided to go THE BODY SHOP. Do you know ?? There are many kinds of cosmetics
,soap, perfume, shampoo and rinse and body-soup etc.....in this store. I often go.
I bought my favorite body- soup and washcloth to her :-D I'll give it tommorow. I hope she like it.

posted by yukie 10:05 PM
Saturday, May 17, 2003
Now I went back to home :-)
It's very late, because I enjoyed fireworks with my friends.
I think it is too early to do fireworks. It's still out of season :-(
But it was exciting :-) I love sparkler the best.
It is beautiful :-9
I tryed to stand still. Because if I budged a little, the fireball that sparkler's tip drop...
Though I felt that I stank of powder, I had a great time???

posted by yukie 11:46 PM
Friday, May 16, 2003
I searched about ethnic foods in my English class today.
Chinese foods, Indian foods, Italian foods etc...
I didn't know there are so many kinds of ethnic foods.
I'm interested in mexican foods of all others.
Because I have never eaten them and I know little about mexican foods..... :-(
Do you know tacos?? I want to try :-)

I found nice page yesterday. This page is
Seiji's NEW Page

You can find many good pictures :-) Please visit and see them ;-)
Maybe you like them.
posted by yukie 10:29 PM
Thursday, May 15, 2003
I went to eat lunch with my friends today.I have been wanted to go there :-)
It's a small and homey restaurant with atmosphere that we can eat omelet containing fried rice.
At night this house become shot bar.
I ate meat souce one. There were many kinds of omlet.
For instance, Japanese style omelet, omelet with white sauce.
It was beautiful!! The egg was soft :-9 And only 700yen. ( with salad and coffee :-0)
It was more expensive than daily lunch, but omelet was REALLY NICE so I was satisfied :-D
Besides today was very very lucky day.
Because when we were drunking coffee after eating, owner came and said to us
"How was omelet? Did you enjoy eating?? This is service for you."
We were surprized she gave us pieces of cakes? It was powderd green tea cake :)?@
She gave it only us!! I was happy and full :-D
I'll certainly go again ;-)

posted by yukie 5:07 PM
Wednesday, May 14, 2003
Today I'm going to talk about my favorit singers.
I usually listen to Japanese pop music.
I love Every Little Thing, My Little Lover , BOA and so on...
I especially like Every Little Thing. There are a woman and man( vocal and guitar) in this group.
I like word and her voice. When I broked-hearted ( oh, it's a great while ago!!), I was encourged by their songs.
She sings love-song. Sometimes it feel sad, but sometimes it full of vigor. So I love them.
I sing their song whenever I go to karaoke.Because I think their songs are easy to remember and sing comparatively :-)
I love My Little Lover, too. I have albums. My favorite songs are men&woman, Destiny and Hello, again.
Please try to listen :-9 I hope you like them :-o

posted by yukie 10:24 PM
Tuesday, May 13, 2003
Today I got up at 9 o'clock. I regreted because I got up too early :-9
So I went to buy my breakfast. I went to bekery near my home :-D
I love bread. French loaf, twist, rye bread, doughnut and so on....
What a nice smell :) It maked me more hungry.
I bought sandwiches with slices of ham and cheese and doughnut with chocolate :-o
After bought them,I went to CD rental shop on my way to home.
I sometimes go there and rental CDs. I rent album sanged by The Off Spring, Hi- Standard and Every little thing.
Do you know??
I dubed them in MDs. Now I'm writing my jounal as listenning :-)

posted by yukie 11:10 PM
Monday, May 12, 2003
Yesterday my juniors come to my home to talk.
We live in same apartment. There are three people who belongs rowing club live this apart include me.
So we sometimes play. It is fun :-) I had great time with them.
Tomorrow I have only one class. It'll starts 4:50 p.m. So I can stay up late!!!
Maybe I'll get up late tomorrow :-9

posted by yukie 9:20 PM
Sunday, May 11, 2003
Today was rainy day and damp weather.
I joined club today, too. It was hard rain so I became sloppy.
We row boat though it is rain. I must be careful of catch cold.
I took bath when I go back to home immediately.
I was warmed up enough :-)
Only I should do now is relax and sleeping enogh :-9

posted by yukie 9:01 PM
Friday, May 09, 2003
Today I'm going to write about one things I really want.
It's digital camera :-)
I want to buy it , but it's expensive......
So I'm puzzling I should buy or shouldn't buy it.
And I don't know which one is the best!!
I want to get good one. There are many kind of digital cameras.
I have a plan to go store and check price and quality this week end!

posted by yukie 11:25 PM
Wednesday, May 07, 2003
I forgot to do my homework....Oh no!!

posted by yukie 10:09 AM
My Golden week was exciting!!
The result of final race was 4th.
I coldn't be a champion, but it became good experience for me :-)
Today I had morning training, so I got up at 5 o'clock.
I want to sleep....But I have classes taday!
I have to go soon :-(

posted by yukie 10:09 AM
Sunday, May 04, 2003
I couldn't write my journal, because I had rowing race.
I was very tired , and I went to bed without notice :-(
I won today, so I have final race tomorrow!!
I want to be a champion :-)
There is an event that I'm looking forward tomorrow.
It is that tomorrow I have drinking party.
I'll meet my sinior who graduate university.
I want to meet them early.

posted by yukie 9:49 PM
Thursday, May 01, 2003
I have rowing race tomorrow at last!!
Many people join it. High school student, collage student and people who belong to roing society.
I'm already tensed up :-)
When I feel stress, I usually have stomashache... :-0
Oh, no!! Only thinking about race, my heart fluttered.
I know only I should do is relax.... :-9
Competitors are strong but I don't mind!
I work hard to keep the presence of mind :-D

posted by yukie 11:31 PM
Wednesday, April 30, 2003
I take a bath about one hour recently.
I like reading magazines in the bathroom.
I usually light a candle. I become calm by the dim light of candle :-)
But there are only one thing that I must mind when I take bath.
It is that don't take a too hot bath for a long time :-(
If I take hot bath for one hour, I'll feel dizzy
I'll be flush like boiled octopus :-P
Enjoy your bath time enough!!

posted by yukie 11:03 PM
Tuesday, April 29, 2003
I'm growing foliage plant recently :-)
There are many plants in my room.
They makes me happy and relax. I water them today :-D
They are growing up day by day.
I like watching them.

posted by yukie 9:25 PM
Monday, April 28, 2003
?????I love cooking. Almost everyday I cook dinner. (not everyday , because I go to convenience store occasionally ;-(
Today I cooked miso soup and tofu steak. It's healthy.I tryed to cook it for the first time but it was nice :-9
I love soybean. I love natto, too. Maybe some people don't like it. Natto is sticky and has unique smell :-0 I bought natto four packs today!! ?????

posted by yukie 10:29 PM
It was sunny today. So I hung out my futon :-)
Ans I did two loads of laundry. The weather was nice, so everything dried right away?
Today I'll sleep s soft and light futon. I'm sleepy........ I can have a happy dream tonight :-D

posted by yukie 1:02 AM
Saturday, April 26, 2003
Today I got up at six o'clock before alarm clock ring.
After ate breakfast I went to training camp near my apartment. It takes only 5 minutes on foot.
All boys rower stay in a camp for training three times a week.But all girls rower occupy the apartment near training camp :)
Today I was tired a little... Because Saturday and Sunday I have two - part training .Besides I had class today!!
I had class because I'm taking teaching course.
Trainig is hard! But I want to win the race with my partners. I love them and rowing!?@
I'm leading a full life. Sometimes I feel painful but I can go on trainig and rowing by grace of my sinior and junior.
Oops!!! I forgot to say. In fact I'm not rower but cox. I don't train my body but steering is difficult!
I have a big race this Golden Week holidays. I take part in :-)
I' ll do my best????@?@:-P

posted by yukie 9:04 PM
Today I started my blog at last :-)
This is my first English diary, so my heart leaps up!!
It was raining today. But it was niceday for me.
Today I enjoy talking with my junior after club. (I'm a member of rowing club :-D)
We talked about club, campus life and boyfriend. We had a great time together :-)
Oh, time to sleep.. I must get up at six thirty tomorrow. Because the club starts seven thirty.
I have to set the alarm clock!!!

posted by yukie 12:53 AM
Friday, April 25, 2003
testing testing 123
posted by yukie 7:15 PM
Saturday, April 19, 2003
This is the first test posting.
posted by aaron 2:45 PM